Kim Davis: Adherence to Moral Conscience or Violations of the Law?

Will The Law Protect Clerk Kim Davis and Her Refusal To Issue Marriage Licenses For Same-Sex Couples? No doubt, in the last few weeks or so, you’ve encountered the name Kim Davis in conversation around the water cooler or dinner

3 Ways to Save a Bad Marriage

You got married hoping for a soul mate, but ended up in a relationship that feels like a roommate. You know that marriages are never perfect. You expect occasional disagreements and a certain boredom that comes after a while from

Here’s What Functioning Marriages Have in Common

I’m often asked if it’s difficult being a psychologist and listening to kids’ problems all day. I enjoy that part of the job, because it’s fun helping young people make positive changes. It’s a lot tougher listening to parents discuss

Cohabitation Births On The Rise As Marriage Stats Fall

Marriage Rates Decline While Births For Cohabitation Couples Increase According To A Recent Study At Least One Child In Eight Is Born Into A Cohabitation Parent Family. Economic Factors Play Role In Non Marriage Births A recent study by the

Beta Marriage Concept – A Trial Union for 2 Years?

Can Beta Marriage Avoid A Complicated Divorce? Time magazine recently published an article discussing the concept of a “beta marriage” and millennials.  For those unfamiliar with the word “Beta” let me explain.  In the tech world, the word “beta” is

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