Parents’ Day: Have You Heard About National Parents’ Day

Do you Celebrate National Parents’ Day? What Is It, And Is It Really A Holiday We Celebrate In The United States? When I was asked to write an article about National Parents’ Day, my first reaction was to ask, “What

Should you have children? Ask yourself these questions

About 20 percent of women don’t have children, a rate twice as high as the 1970s according to the Pew Research Center. For some, the decision is due to life circumstances or medical problems. For about 10 percent of women,

Why Kids Shouldn’t be Your Highest Priority

If I’m speaking with a group of parents and I want to elicit a lively debate, I only need to say the following: “Kids shouldn’t be your highest priority”. As a youngster, I remember my dad telling me that “your

Do Any of These 10 Regrets by Parents Apply to You?

Some people live their lives looking at the rear-view mirror, regretting the past rather than enjoying the present or anticipating the future. Here are the most frequently mentioned regrets I’ve heard from parents in my office: Spent too little time

Let Children Learn How to Deal with Divorce and Other Life Problems

Bad experiences in early childhood have a significant impact on kids during adolescence, according to recent research published by Child Trends. Investigators found that 48 percent of our kids experienced a serious negative event during childhood, with 11 percent of

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