Same-Sex Couples: Premarital Cohabitation Assets and Divorce

New Hampshire Case Said to Set Precedent for Same-Sex Couples Upon Divorce, But is Ohio Law Already Set Up for Courts to Reach Similar Decisions? The Supreme Court of New Hampshire recently held that courts may consider premarital cohabitation when

Artificial Insemination: What Happens When Same-Sex Couples Divorce?

How Ohio’s Artificial Insemination Statute Will Impact Same-Sex Couples PUBLISHER’S NOTE: I want to thank our legal extern, Matthew Kimmel, for all his assistance in researching and writing today’s blog post.  Excellent job Matt! Tennessee made news recently in regards

Estate Planning Tips for Same-Sex Couples

Statutory Protections In Estate Planning Now Available To Surviving Spouses Of Same-Sex Marriages Now that the institution of marriage has been sanctioned for same-sex couples, estate planning options and benefits that have not been available before can now be utilized

Kim Davis: Adherence to Moral Conscience or Violations of the Law?

Will The Law Protect Clerk Kim Davis and Her Refusal To Issue Marriage Licenses For Same-Sex Couples? No doubt, in the last few weeks or so, you’ve encountered the name Kim Davis in conversation around the water cooler or dinner

Same-Sex Marriages: Should Judges Decline To Perform Same-Sex Marriages?

Judicial Performance of Same-Sex Marriages: Personal Beliefs Must Take a Back-Seat to Impartiality Earlier this summer, the Supreme Court held that an individual’s right to marry a person of his or her choice to be a fundamental right under the

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