Stress of War Shatters More Marriages

Family Law Attorney Robert Mues looks at statistics released by the Pentagon that suggests an increase in divorce rates, up from last year, and how the importance of mental health counselors can be helpful for Military families.

Fact or Fiction: Biological Children Fare Better Than Adopted Children?

Attorney Robert Mues looks at Census Bureau statistics that reveal whether adopted children are better than biological children.

Kids Say That Divorced Parents Should Pay The Same Amount For Child Support

Attorney Robert Mues looks at a recent Gordon Poll Youth Survey that asks children how much money should each parent pay to support their children in a divorce.

Are Parents with ADHD Children at a Higher Risk for Divorce?

Attorney Robert Mues discusses the results of a recent study that says children diagnosed with ADHD cause an increase in divorce rates.

What About “Manimony”?

Attorney Robert Mues of the Ohio Family Law Blog examines the statistics for men who receive child support and custody of their children from their spouse. Also known as “Manimony”.

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