Divorce: Spouse Missing? Send Summons On Facebook!

Will Serving Divorce Papers Via Facebook be Allowed in Ohio? Justice Matthew Cooper of the Manhattan, New York, Supreme Court is setting precedent which is likely to be a game-changer should the rest of the country follow suit. In a

4 Errors in Guiding Kids’ Use of Technology

Our teens live in a digital universe.  They may be talking with one friend while texting another.  While giving us some superficial answer about what happened at school, they may be posting their real feelings on Facebook. Research conducted last

Texting While Driving Ban Now in Effect in Ohio

New Ohio Texting Law Focuses On Minors Under The Age Of 18 The new Ohio texting ban went into effect on January 1, 2013. No longer are police just issuing warning tickets as they had been doing since September 2012.

Parenting Advice: Staying Connected with Kids, Skype and Technology…

Guest Contributor Gregory Ramey, Ph.D offers his insights on how technology can enhance family life and at the same can be used a parenting tool.

Back To School So Soon?

Family Law Attorney Robert Mues looks at how parents utilzing shared or split parenting time, can help their children adjust to the routine of a new school year using internet technology and comminication.

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