Why One Should Not Postpone Post-Divorce Estate Planning

Joseph Balmer examines post-divorce estate planning and explains why it should be avoided according to recent surveys supporting this practice.

You Get What You Pay For!

Attorney Anne Shale discusses the consequences of trying to save money on legal fees and lists several scenerios a client might face in potential losses.

You, Us and YouTube

Attorney Robert Mues examines the importance of video promotion on the internet and introduces his first YouTube video, “Touring A Trusted Dayton Law Firm (1 of 5)” to readers of the Ohio Family Law Blog in this exclusive sneak peek.

Who Needs Cupid?

Robert Mues shares his thoughts about Valentine’s Day and provides tips by Jennifer McCarron and Eugene Kayser for divorced couples or anyone going through Valentine withdrawal.

Mom Loses Custody For Alienating Children From Their Father For Over A Decade

Attorney Robert Mues discusses a recent court ruling in Canada that addresses Parental Alienation and custody issues.

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