An Overview of Adoptions, Guardianship and Custody Actions in Ohio

An Overview of Adoptions, Guardianship and Custody Actions in Ohio

Legal Advice is Essential, if contemplating Adoption, Custody or Guardianship Action

The Legal Caregiver Roles in Ohio: Adoption, Custody and Guardianship. Which Role is Right For Me?

adoption custody overviewIt is fundamental to those contemplating a new role of a caregiver of a child to know the rights and restrictions of each of these proceedings in order to best be informed about the legal possibilities and implications.

It is critical to have a committed person/family step in and assume the role of care in the precarious situations children or others needing care are often left in. Being informed is priceless, but obtaining legal advice is essential. Which option or approach is best for your situation may turn on specific facts and the legal jurisdictional requirements. But, here is an overview of the options.

What are the options?


Adoption terminates the legal relationship once held between the biological parent and the child. Anyone looking to adopt must complete a home study to determine potential suitability which includes completing requirements such as: personal interviews, home visits, and adoption education.

Adoption hearings take place in the Probate Court in the county where the child resides, the person seeking adoption resides, or where the natural … Read More... “An Overview of Adoptions, Guardianship and Custody Actions in Ohio”

Blast From The Past: The Benefits of Four Way Settlement Conferences

Blast From The Past: The Benefits of Four Way Settlement Conferences

Is a Settlement Conference Worth it?

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Below is the repost of a blog from February 19, 2011 that has stood the test of time! Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) techniques have flourished over the last 10 years! With escalating litigation costs and Court delays, 4 way settlement conferences are a great tool to move a case towards resolution. Operating in “good faith” and being willing to compromise is a major key in reaching success.

Settlement Conference 101: How to Schedule, what to Expect, and how to Prepare

settlement conference domestic relationsThe topic for this Family Blog Article is one that is I like to use and one that I highly recommend to clients and to other practitioners.  A four (4) way settlement conference is a meeting or conference attended by both parties (Husband and Wife) and their respective attorneys.

The meeting generally takes place at one of the attorney’s offices but it could be held at an absolutely neutral location such as the Bar Association, a local library, or a church having meeting rooms available for the public.  The meetings can take place during normal business hours but can also be held during evening or weekend hours as no one from the … Read More... “Blast From The Past: The Benefits of Four Way Settlement Conferences”

6 Easy Ways To Better Enjoy Your Life And Be Happy

6 Easy Ways To Better Enjoy Your Life And Be Happy

I Want To Enjoy Life And Be Happy, But How Do I Get There?

enjoy life happyThe effort to get ahead, enjoy your life, and be happy can, at times, feel like being trapped on a destinationless hamster wheel. When it comes to that simple quest, we’re all pretty much the same.

And yet, for all those years of self-help books and Oprah-in-the-afternoons, happiness can still seem frustratingly elusive.

The Dalai Lama makes it all sound so simple, so matter of fact: The purpose of our lives is to be happy.

Well, isn’t that special? your mind may quip with an eye roll. I have ten children, three mortgages, two jobs, and no car. When do I have time to enjoy my life?

Everyone comes with a story. And everyone can be rendered miserable or unconditionally happy because – and regardless – of that story.

Joy is your birthright. It’s the unburdened, uncorrupted state of your being when you enter this world. You have no attachment to malice or the seemingly insurmountable requisites of living a responsible, adult life.

But life has its ways, doesn’t it? It delivers unavoidable disappointments, exhaustive demands, no-win choices, and inevitable loss.

How, then, are you supposed … Read More... “6 Easy Ways To Better Enjoy Your Life And Be Happy”

Are You Curious About the Purpose for the Ohio CSEA?

Are You Curious About the Purpose for the Ohio CSEA?

What you need to know about the Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) in Ohio

csea child support enforcement

Clients have many questions about the purpose and role of the Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) in Ohio. So, I thought that posting this blog might be helpful! I have pulled and merged useful information from various sites.


Parents have a duty to support their children. The Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) was established with the Federal Government’s enactment of Child Support Enforcement and Paternity Establishment Program  (CSE) in 1975 to reduce welfare expenses by collecting child support from non-custodial parents.

This program works with State and County agencies by helping locate parents, establishing legal fatherhood (paternity), establishing and enforcing fair support orders, increasing health care coverage for children, removing barriers to payment, such as referring parents to employment services, supporting healthy co-parenting relationships, supporting responsible fatherhood, and helping to prevent and reduce family violence. In Ohio, this unit is administered by the local county Department of Job and Family Services. Click here to go to the Ohio CSEA  website.


  1. Establishment of a Support Order

    If a person does not already receive support, the

Read More... “Are You Curious About the Purpose for the Ohio CSEA?”

What is the Purpose of Temporary Orders in an Ohio Divorce?

What is the Purpose of Temporary Orders in an Ohio Divorce?

Should I Request Temporary Orders In My Divorce Case? What Is Ohio Civil Rule 75 (N)?

temporary orders ohio civil rule 75

It seems there are often questions asked about the issuing of Temporary Orders in Ohio divorces. Ohio Civil Rule 75 (N) outlines the process. (Click here to read Ohio Civil Rule 75 (N)).

Temporary Orders  are intended to maintain the status quo regarding finances and the children and their care. Like the name suggests, these are Court Orders intended to remain in effect for a limited amount of time – typically during the pendency of the action or until further Court Order. A Temporary Order may be requested in the Complaint, Answer, Counterclaim, and Financial Affidavit or by separate motion.

Although these orders are “temporary” they are still Orders of the court that can be enforced. A motion for contempt can be filed for willful violations of these Court Orders.


Temporary Orders typically regulate:

  1. Temporary Custody/Parenting Time (See ORC 3109.43 and Civil Rule 75 (N);
  2. Temporary Spousal Support (ORC 3105.18) and Temporary Child Support (Rule 75 (N));
  3. Payments of debts (ORC 3105.18); and
  4. Attorney Fees.

In addition, they may deal with Guardian Ad Litem fees, expert witness … Read More... “What is the Purpose of Temporary Orders in an Ohio Divorce?”

Blast From The Past: Extracurricular Activities Can Benefit Kids!

Blast From The Past: Extracurricular Activities Can Benefit Kids!

Publisher’s Note: With the recent relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions by the CDC, life will hopefully be returning to a more “normal” status. Isn’t it great to be able to once again start thinking about school activities returning? In that vain, this was an excellent post from September 2013 about the benefits of kids participation in extracurricular activities. I found it liberating, in a way, to once again read it! Enjoy it!

Study Reveals Children Who Participate In Extracurricular Activities Are Less Likely To Dropout Than Students Who Did Not Participate

extracurricular activities studyExtracurricular activities can have a significant impact on your child starting at an early age. Not only can these activities increase their capacity to advance academically, but they can create a healthy, confident young individual. Recent studies have looked into how children react when they’re put into extracurricular activities. You may find yourself believing that your child has no interest in extracurricular activities, but there are numerous activities your child could get involved in, including sports, music, book clubs, religious groups, game groups (board games and such), study groups, and countless others.

Study Results On Extracurricular Activities

In 1995, Ralph McNeal conducted a dropout percentage study to attempt to … Read More... “Blast From The Past: Extracurricular Activities Can Benefit Kids!”

Dividing Pets in a Divorce can be “Ruff”!

Dividing Pets in a Divorce can be “Ruff”!

Pet Owners Face Difficult Decision As To Who Receives The Family Pets During Divorce

What Happens to your Pet During a Breakup or a Divorce? Should Pet Owners Agree to a “Pet-Nup?”

pet owners divorceThe breaking up of a relationship, or the termination of a marriage is obviously an anxious and difficult time. Even if the ending is mutual, it is still a time fraught with emotion. There are many things to consider depending on each couple’s situation. If the couple cohabitated, either when in a relationship or within a marriage, there may be possessions to divide up. When children are involved it of course can be overwhelming and messy to figure out all the arrangements. We most commonly think about the children being the innocent party caught in the feuding between parents, but what happens to the pet or pets? During a breakup, it can be a difficult decision as to who receives the beloved family pets.

The Use of “Pet-Nup”, Name Registration and Reciept Keeping

In the UK, there was a recent study done by Maguire Family Law. It reports that lawyers are experiencing more and more separation or divorce cases where the couples are bitterly fighting with each other … Read More... “Dividing Pets in a Divorce can be “Ruff”!”

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