Child Custody: Parents versus Grandparents

An Overview Of The Child Custody Case Timothy Cantrell v. Erica Trinkle (2011-CA-17) The Juvenile Court of Clark County, Ohio awarded custody of the minor child (“CC”) to the paternal grandparents. Mother appealed the decision. Court of Appeals Holding: The

Visitation: Stepparents are Parents Too!

Stepparents are Parents too! Stepparent Visitation! I always like to talk about the connotations associated with the words we use every day. Whether they are positive or negative, the words we use can have a grave impact upon a person’s


INNOCENT SPOUSE AND IRS INNOCENT SPOUSE: AN INTRODUCTION Financial decisions in a marriage are not always a joint venture; wherein both Husband and Wife cooperate in the decision making. In the first few years of my own marriage, my Husband

Marriage: Better the Second Time Around?

Marriage: Better the Second Time Around? Is Marriage Better the Second Time Around? Or, Are Second Marriages More Successful than First Marriages? Many years ago, a singing icon and legend, Frank Sinatra, released a song entitled “The Second Time Around”…..its words

Custody and Smoking Issues

Custody and Smoking Issues If you smoke cigarettes, there’s a good chance that at some time in your past you’ve made a pact with a friend who also smoked that the two of you were going to try to quit

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