Protection Order: Proving Domestic Violence in a Court of Law can be Difficult

When Things That Go Bump In The Night Are Not Sufficient Evidence For A Domestic Violence Civil Protection Order A couple weeks ago, my brother and I went back to our homeland of California to visit our parents and help

Can a Spouse Obtain a Civil Protection Order for Verbal Abuse?

Family Law Attorney Anne Shale brings forth the question, if a spouse can seek a Civil Protection Order for Verbal Abuse agaomst a family or household member under Ohio’s Domestic Violence Statute.

Ohio Domestic Violence Proceedings – The Survey Says . . .

Attorney Shawn Hooks writes a follow-up to his Domestic Violence article including what people should know when filing a petition in Violence proceedings.

Lingo You Might Not Know From the Divorce World

Attorney Robert Mues from the Ohio Family Law Blog goes over some common definitions used during family law litigation.

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