Do Criminal Convictions Impact Custody Determinations?

criminal convictions custody child's best interest

Child’s Best Interest Considered When Custody Is Granted In Ohio, But What If The Parent Has Criminal Convictions On File?

criminal convictions custody child's best interest

Yes. Criminal convictions may impact the Judge’s decision regarding who is granted custody. In Ohio, as in most states, the guiding principle is “what is in the child’s best interest“. By necessity, this must be a very comprehensive consideration of many factors. In Ohio, Section 3109.04 (F)(1) lists 10 specific factors the Court is to consider when making a custody determination.

They are:

(F) (1) In determining the best interest of a child pursuant to this section, whether on an original decree allocating parental rights and responsibilities for the care of children or a modification of a decree allocating those rights and responsibilities, the court shall consider all relevant factors, including, but not limited to:

  1. The wishes of the child’s parents regarding the child’s care;
  2. If the court has interviewed the child in chambers pursuant to division (B) of this section regarding the child’s wishes and concerns as to the allocation of parental rights and responsibilities concerning the child, the wishes and concerns of the child, as expressed to the court;
  3. The child’s interaction and interrelationship with the
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