A Good Divorce Therapist is Critical to Your Emotional Health!

Family Law Attorney Robert Mues, along with Psychotherapist Donna F. Ferber, looks at how a good divorce therapist can be beneficial to the emotional health of a person going through the divorce process.

The Untimely and Unexpected Death of Chris Henry…Questions About the Consequences for His Survivors

Family Law Attorney Anne Shale looks at how the untimely passing of NFL receiver Chris Henry, of the Cincinnati Bengals, can lead to legal problems for survivors if one does not have have an estate planning document, or a Last Will and Testament in place in the event of one’s death.

Helpful Books For Children Going Through Divorce And Loss

In his latest post for the Ohio family law blog, Gregory Ramey recommends helpful books for children who are going through divorce or loss.

Father’s Day Reflections, Including Freud and Tongue Biting

Father’s Day can be an extremely difficult one for many children. Unfortunately, thousands of children will not be with their father this Father’s Day due to many factors including divorce, death or service in the armed forces. As a result,

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