Deposition Tips: Not Just An Ordinary Conversation!

Helpful Advice If You Are Called To Provide Testimony At A Deposition In any type of civil litigation, whether a personal injury case, a probate court case involving a relative’s will or trust, a business dispute with customers or other

Why Preparing Clients For Deposition Is Like Making Pancakes

Guest Contributor Attorney Brian R. Wilson, a partner in the Canton, Ohio, law firm of Nicodemo & Wilson, LLC, writes a humorous piece on how preparing clients with pre-deposition rules for deposition, is a lot like making pancakes.

Who Gets the Disposable Paper Bed Sheets?

Family Law Attorney Robert Mues examines how Judges presiding over Divorce cases rule on personal items, property or items with sentimental value accumulated in a marriage between a husband and wife.

Lingo You Might Not Know From the Divorce World

Attorney Robert Mues from the Ohio Family Law Blog goes over some common definitions used during family law litigation.

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