Estate Planning for Second Marriages

The Need For Proper Estate Planning In Second Marriages Researched and written by Tammy Chavez, third year law student at the University Of Dayton School Of Law, and a former law Extern for our Firm. Estate planning Plays A Crucial

Guardian Issues: New Responsibilities Imposed on Ohio Guardians

What Are The Additional Requirements For A Guardian Of An Estate In Ohio? While it has always been a great responsibility to serve as a legal guardian for another individual, last year Ohio imposed a number of additional requirements of

Estate Planning: A Truly Sad Story, Prince – His Tragic Death and His Lack of Estate Planning

Singer Prince Passing Proves The Importance Of Estate Planning Documents As everyone knows by now, sadly, Prince unexpectedly passed away recently. In the days following his untimely death, questions began to arise as to whom would inherit his estate, which

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