Divorce: Tips to Consider About Technology & Social Media

Divorce, Social Media and Technology. A whole new world. Siri Is Listening! Technology And Social Media Can Impact Your Divorce! In the modern technological era where we are constantly surrounded by social media and 24/7 communication, it should come as

Facebook Tagging: Violating A Protection Order Through Social Media

Violation of Protection Order Online: How Tagging A Victim On Facebook Or Social Media Platforms Can Land You In Jail! This article is posted with permission from Attorney Tom Kopacz from an article he posted on January 19, 2016, on

Divorce: Spouse Missing? Send Summons On Facebook!

Will Serving Divorce Papers Via Facebook be Allowed in Ohio? Justice Matthew Cooper of the Manhattan, New York, Supreme Court is setting precedent which is likely to be a game-changer should the rest of the country follow suit. In a

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