Extremely Obese Children…Should Their Parents Lose Custody?

Family Law Attorney John Meehling examines if parents should lose custody of their children if they are extremely obesese.

A Child’s College Education – Often a Hidden Cost in Divorce!

Family Law Attorney Robert Mues looks at how divorce affects the funding of a child’s college education.

ELDER LAW UPDATE: The Legal Implications of Multiple Generations Living Under One Roof

Probate and Estate Planning Attorney Joe Balmer, examines the the legal raminfications of multiple generations living under one roof and how they relate to elder law and estate planning issues.

Establishing Paternity in Ohio – An Overview

Family Law Attorney John Meehling explains wny establishing Paternity can help protect both a child and his/her parents in the likelyhood of a custody/visitation or support proceeding.

10 Tips to Ruin Your Divorce Case and Waste as Much Money as Possible!

Family Law Attorney Robert Mues reposts 10 divorce tips found in a newsletter by Attorney Diana Mercer, the author or ‘Making Divorce Work: 8 Essential Keys in Resolving Conflicts and Rebuilding your Life’.

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