International Divorce: Hague Convention Abduction Report Issued

Hague report lists countries who are not compliant; seek experienced International Divorce and Abduction Attorneys as early as posibile. The U.S. Department of State Office of Children’s Issues has now submitted its annual report pertaining to compliance problems on international

Japan Announces its “Intention” to Join the Hague Convention

Family Law Attorney Anne Shale, reacts to the news that the government of Japan has announced it’s intention to join the Hague Convention relative to child custody, and why it could take years before Japan hecomes part pf the treaty.

A Local Case of “Child Abduction” Involving the Country of Japan

Family Law Attorney Anne Shale examines the local case of U.S. Father, Kent Swaim, who experienced custody issues with his ex-wife that led to the abduction of his children to Japan without his knowledge or his consent. Also, some preventative steps can take to avoid a simlilar situation.

Child Abduction a Worry? Do You Have a Passport Block in Place?

Family Law Attorney Shawn Hooks looks at ways to protect against overseas abduction by registering your child with the U.S. State Department’s Children’s Passport Issuance Alert Program.

U.S. Father Arrested In Japan For Picking Up Children “Abducted” By Ex-Wife…..The “Rest Of The Story”!

Attorney Anne Shale looks at a recent parental child abduction case in Japan where she presents the facts of the case, and an understaning of how the Japanese legal system differs in divorce custody.

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