Why Kids Shouldn’t be Your Highest Priority

If I’m speaking with a group of parents and I want to elicit a lively debate, I only need to say the following: “Kids shouldn’t be your highest priority”. As a youngster, I remember my dad telling me that “your

Divorce And Household Chores, Does It Also Divide The Family?

A New Divorce Study Suggests that It Does! I confess that I am a bit of a junkie of surveys and studies. So I am always on the lookout for interesting ones that relate to family and/or divorce issues. Recently,

Divorce: How To Choose And Manage Your Battles

10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Taking Divorce Legal Action The dissolution of their marriage offers the opportunity for each partner to stand up for themselves in a way they had not before. Bravo! Finding your voice and learning assertiveness

Divorce Linked to Stroke in Men

Study Shows Higher Risk Of Stroke For Men Of Parental Divorce It often is said that children are the most affected by divorce. Now a Toronto study has found that men with divorced parents are significantly more likely to suffer

Child Custody Dispute to be Decided By the U.S. Supreme Court

Active Military Members Fight For International Child Custody In The United States Courts Jeffrey Lee Chafin v. Lynne Hales Chafin Docket 11-1347 Facts of the Case: Jeffrey Lee Chafin, a citizen of the United States and an active duty member

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