Social Media Issues in Divorce Litigation – The New Frontier

It is no longer a secret that attorneys that work in the domestic relations arena are mining social media networking sites, such as Facebook, for helpful evidence about the opposing party.  A person’s Facebook page is often a very fertile

Divorce: Did Your Parents Marriage End When You Were 23 or Older?

Share Your Responses to This Important Divorce Research Survey! Mary Murphy is a licensed clinical social worker and a doctoral candidate in counseling psychology from Oregon. I learned about Mary’s research project and survey from reading an article about it

Spousal Support: Hidden Time Bomb!

Avoid Future Problems, Consult With An Attorney To Avoid Modification Of Spousal Support By The Courts. Since divorce attorneys, like the rest of the population, do not have a crystal ball, making decisions regarding whether spousal support should be modifiable

Divorce Time Out: Take Your Emotional Pulse

Is Checking Your Emotional Pulse The Key To Dealing With Divorce? “I am in the divorce process up to my elbows. I have paperwork for my lawyer, deadlines for my job, parent conferences for my kids, friends coming for dinner.

Divorce Rates Double for Boomers

Longer Life Spans Factor Into Higher Divorce Rates Divorce rates for the general population throughout the United States have stabilized over the past several decades.  However, that’s not true for baby boomers.  Divorce rates among couples over 50 have doubled

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