Avoid Headache, Safeguard Your Assets

Jeffrey Lalloway, publisher of the California Divorce and Family Law Blog, wrote this excellent article. I couldn’t agree more with his suggestions! Lessen impact of divorce on credit If you’re planning to file for divorce this year or are already

Relocation Issues

Twenty to thirty years ago, there was no issue related to “relocation”. There was a custodial parent, usually the Mother, and a non-custodial parent, usually the Father. If Mother wanted to relocate to return to the home of her family,

Penalty in Cincinnati for Bigamy

I learned of this Ohio bigamy case on Janet Langjahr’s excellent Florida Divorce Law Blog. Ohio man is convicted of bigamy. Man is sentenced to probation – and ordered to get a divorce from one of his three wives within

Most preventable mental disorder in children is Divorce-related trauma

Divorced parents simply have no appreciation of the trauma they cause their children, most of which is totally preventable. Yes, divorce is difficult for kids, but they can successfully deal with it if they have parents who love them more

How to Select a Divorce Lawyer Pt. 2

In Part 2 of “How to Select a Divorce Lawyer” attorney Robert Mues continues his key considerations in selecting the “right” divorce lawyer: The “Hot Potato Shuffle” Some family law firms shuffle clients between lawyers in the firm like they

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