The Role and Functions of a Guardian ad Litem in the State of Ohio, Pt. 2

In part 2, Attorney Anne Shale from the Ohio Family Law Blog lists four more functions of a Guardian ad Litem in the State of Ohio including her conclusion.

New Study Concludes that Divorce is Neither Good nor Bad: May Not Cause Kids’ Bad Behavior

Here’s a news flash. The “experts” disagree! Many well-respected studies over the years have concluded that kids are often negatively impacted as a result of their parent’s divorce. However according to Allen Li, of the prestigious RAND Corporation’s Population Research

Improving Resiliency

Resiliency is a topic that I find myself discussing often with my divorce clients. I recently came across an interesting article on that subject which prompted this post. Resilience can de defined as the human ability to deal with, learn

Statistics Regarding Military Divorces

Men and women serving in the armed forces of our country encounter many stresses within their marriages that men and women in the general public do not experience. Long separations from marriage partners and other family members and hardships experienced

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