Father’s Day Reflections, Including Freud and Tongue Biting

Father’s Day can be an extremely difficult one for many children. Unfortunately, thousands of children will not be with their father this Father’s Day due to many factors including divorce, death or service in the armed forces. As a result,

Factors The Court Considers In Determining Whether To Award Spousal Support Pt. 1

When discussing whether or not a Court will award spousal support, formerly known as alimony, to one of the parties in a divorce proceeding, we must first define what spousal support is. Section 3105.18 of the Ohio Revised Code defines

Military Resource Guide

The Army has developed an excellent online resource guide that would benefit new members of all the branches of the armed services, as well as their spouses and their families. It contains a great deal of useful information, including many

Statistics Regarding Military Divorces

Men and women serving in the armed forces of our country encounter many stresses within their marriages that men and women in the general public do not experience. Long separations from marriage partners and other family members and hardships experienced

Grandparent Custody Issues From a Lawyer’s Viewpoint

Grandparents Gaining “Custody” of Their Grandchildren: Why? How? Where? In an ideal world, children should be reared by a loving and caring two-parent family, having both a Father and a Mother, with plenty of caring relatives to assist with parenting

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