Parents – Are You Worried About Your Kids Online Safety?

Parents – Are You Worried About Your Kids Online Safety?

With the popularity of Cellphones and laptops, there comes an immense amount of potential danger attached to them. To combat the dangers of Internet use, Parents can use app monitoring software like Bark.

In Ohio, Might You Be Liable for the Actions of Your Children? You Might be Surprised!

Parents Could Be Held Liable For Their Child’s Wrongdoing. A Look At 5 Areas Parental Responsibility Laws Regulate In Ohio Parents Take Note – You Could Be Liable For The Actions of Your Children! The answer to that question is

Parents Behavior During Divorce Can Often Lead To Child Favoritism

Behavior Dangers: Poll Reveals Financial Or Marital Stress Can Affect Parents Behavior Toward Their Child A recent 60 minutes “vanity fair poll” discussed numerous situations in which parents discussed their feelings, and opinions regarding their children.  The poll consisted of

Parents: Balance Advice With What Works For You

How Parents Can Balance Own Perspective And Professional Advice When Raising Their Children When it comes to raising your children, how do you balance your own perspective with those professionals who have specialized knowledge and training? A mom once asked

Shared Parenting Misconceptions in Ohio

Previously my colleague, Anne Shale, posted a very informative article laying out the legal distinctions between sole legal custody and shared parenting in Ohio. Here is the link to her article.  Even though it was posted 3 years ago, the

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