The War of the Wives: Is it Time to Disarm?

Guest Contributor Donna Ferber looks at how positive relationships between wives, ex-wives and step-wives can be healthy to a blended family unit after a divorce.

Parenting Time Suspension for Bad Behavior

Family Law Attorney Jessica Shively explains how a parents bad behavior can often get in the way of the child’s best interest leading to suspesion of parenting time.

Grandparenting Styles: Taking the Quiz

Family Law Attorney Robert Mues looks at the topic of grandparenting styles and provides a link to an online quiz that can best describe what kind of grandparent you are.

Thinking About Staying In Your Marriage For The Benefit Of The Kids?

Should parents stay in marriages for the benefit of the kids? Family Law Attorney Robert Mues examines the comments made by Dr. Ramey and advice from Donna F. Ferber relating to domestic relations cases.

Do I Matter As a Parent? A Child Psychologist Shares Some Good News!

Child Psychologist and contributor Gregory Ramey, Ph.D, shares his thoughts on the importance of parental involement in a child’s life.

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