Blast From The Past: Extracurricular Activities Can Benefit Kids!

Blast from the past 13 years Ohio Family Law Blog

Publisher’s Note: With the recent relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions by the CDC, life will hopefully be returning to a more “normal” status. Isn’t it great to be able to once again start thinking about school activities returning? In that vain, this was an excellent post from September 2013 about the benefits of kids participation in extracurricular activities. I found it liberating, in a way, to once again read it! Enjoy it!

Study Reveals Children Who Participate In Extracurricular Activities Are Less Likely To Dropout Than Students Who Did Not Participate

extracurricular activities studyExtracurricular activities can have a significant impact on your child starting at an early age. Not only can these activities increase their capacity to advance academically, but they can create a healthy, confident young individual. Recent studies have looked into how children react when they’re put into extracurricular activities. You may find yourself believing that your child has no interest in extracurricular activities, but there are numerous activities your child could get involved in, including sports, music, book clubs, religious groups, game groups (board games and such), study groups, and countless others.

Study Results On Extracurricular Activities

In 1995, Ralph McNeal conducted a dropout percentage study to attempt to … Read More... “Blast From The Past: Extracurricular Activities Can Benefit Kids!”

Divorce: Study Finds That Being Promoted May Double a Wife’s Chances of Getting Divorced

divorce study

Divorce Rate Increases With Reassignment Of Responsibility According To Study

divorce studyThere are many reasons why a couple may file for divorce. According to a new study, marriages with “traditional” gender roles – meaning the woman’s job takes a backseat, and the man is the breadwinner of the house – tend to fall apart if the woman finds herself in a more successful career.

This study used 30 years of data from the Swedish register, which followed job seekers before and after promotions. They also used divorce rates among women who were elected to a public office, and those who lost, compared with that of elected men. Could it be that the wife’s promotion is more unexpected in a relationship that values the husband’s role? Maybe the wife’s promotion causes more stress in the relationship due reassignment of responsibility? Or possibly women chose to leave a relationship that doesn’t offer flexibility and support for her career development?


This study took place over the course of 30 years, with the average age of participants being 50 years, and the average length of marriage being … Read More... “Divorce: Study Finds That Being Promoted May Double a Wife’s Chances of Getting Divorced”

Grandparents Active with Their Grandkids May Live Longer According to This New Study!

Can Grandparents Live Longer Simply By Caring For Their Grandchildren? Study Says…

grandparents live longer studyGrandparents who help out with childcare or provide support to others in their community tend to live longer than seniors who do not care for other people, according to a study from Berlin, Germany. While having full-time custody of grandchildren can have a negative effect on health, occasional helping can be beneficial for seniors.

An international research team has found that grandparents who care for their grandchildren on average live longer than grandparents who do not. The researchers conducted survival analyses of over 500 people aged between 70 and 103 years, drawing on data from the Berlin Aging Study collected between 1990 and 2009.

In contrast to most previous studies on the topic, these researchers deliberately did not include grandparents who were primary or custodial caregivers. Instead, they compared grandparents who provided occasional childcare with grandparents who did not, as well as with older adults who did not have children or grandchildren but who provided care for others in their social network.

International Study Reveals Grandparents Who Care For Their Grandchildren On Average Live Longer Than Grandparents Who Do Not

“Having no contact with grandchildren at all can … Read More... “Grandparents Active with Their Grandkids May Live Longer According to This New Study!”

Divorce Regrets For Couples Likely Says Study

Recent Study Say Couples Experience Increased Unhappiness In Their Second Marriage, Have Regrets Over Divorce

divorce regrets studyRecently there has been some publicity of individuals expressing their regrets regarding obtaining their divorce.  A completely anonymous website, known as, allows individuals who have gone through divorce or separation to express their regrets.  This website led to a bestselling book series called “Secret Regrets”.   These expressions of regret occur too often in the divorced world as a recent Utah State University article discusses.

The study examines life after divorce explaining that, frequently, a divorce is just the beginning and what comes next is the hard part: conflicting relations with your ex-spouse; troubles with maintaining normal lives for the children; and a general feeling of unhappiness.  The study even indicates that compared to married individuals, divorced couples experience more unhappiness, higher psychological stress, low self-image, and felt even more alone.

Divorce is certainly not a cure-all to your relationship problems.  Divorce can trade one bad problem for another. No longer do you have to fight over money issues within the household, but now you’re fighting over child support payments or alimony.  Also, divorce is just the legal ending of your marriage, … Read More... “Divorce Regrets For Couples Likely Says Study”