By Robert L. Mues   |   October 21st, 2017

Many Factors Contribute To High Divorce Rates Including Profession And Occupations

divorce occupationsAlthough many people are choosing to marry later in life, divorce rates are still very high. There are many factors that contribute to divorce, including income, education, race, age, and profession/occupation.

By using data from the 2015 American Community Study, Dr. Nathan Yau, a statistician from UCLA, calculated the divorce rate of people from dozens of different occupations.

Which careers have the highest rate of divorce?

Dr. Yau’s findings concluded that occupations with the highest divorce rate are those that are centered on nightlife and those that require extensive travel (Gaudette, 2017).  More specifically, Bartenders and Casino Workers were at the top of the list. Three factors could be to blame for the incredibly high rate of divorce for these two occupations: late nights surrounded by strangers and alcohol, a different every day schedule, and whether or not the bartender is bringing home a stable income.

We know that alcohol clouds a person’s judgment and impairs their ability to make good choices, so when a person is around alcohol night after night; it is more likely that they will make some questionable decisions.

While a bartender works late nights, their spouse probably works days instead. This affects the amount of time that the couple can spend together because while one is at work, it’s likely that the other one is in bed, which limits conversation and communication.

Also, if the person does not work at a high-end bar or casino, their income may be unstable. Not knowing whether or not they will bring home enough cash to pay the bills can create mass amounts of tension and stress in a couple’s relationship. People with lower incomes have a higher chance of being divorced.

Which occupations and careers have the lowest rate of divorce?

The occupations that are least likely to get divorced are, “actuaries, scientists, medical professionals, and software developers” (Gaudette, 2017). These careers typically have a higher income, set schedule, and arguably attract those who are more level-minded and drawn towards efficiency.

If you’re interested in seeing how your occupation compares, please follow the link below to see the actual study, along with an interactive Divorce and Occupation chart.

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: I want to thank Jessica Robinson in our office for researching and writing this blog article on divorce! Nice job Jessica!

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The Correlation Between One’s Occupation & the Rate of Divorce

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