Do You Qualify for Pre-Need Burial Eligibility in a VA National Cemetery?

VA national cemetery pre-need burial eligibility program

Are you or a loved one considering burial in a VA national cemetery? We are blessed in Dayton to have our own VA National Cemetery. It was founded in 1867 and it includes over 116 acres and close to 50,000 graves.  The 30-foot Dayton Soldiers’ Monument towers over the cemetery as a tribute to 33 soldiers buried there who died in the War of 1812. There is a lot of history at that cemetery, and it is an interesting place to visit if you haven’t seen it. […]

What To Do if You Think Your Spouse is Hiding or Wasting Marital Assets

financial misconduct divorce marital assets

The time leading up to a divorce and the actual divorce process can be quite bumpy and unpleasant. Oftentimes, the unknowns of divorce will lead to irrational thinking and bad behavior by one or both of the spouses. While some bad behavior is simply frowned upon, other forms of misconduct are actually illegal. For instance, if your spouse is intentionally scheming to hide or waste your marital assets in an attempt to interfere with your right to an equitable distribution during the divorce, you may have a claim of financial misconduct. […]

Blast From The Past: An Experienced Family Law Attorney – PRICELESS!

Blast from the past 13 years Ohio Family Law Blog

Gordon Gibb recently wrote an excellent article for about the importance of hiring an experienced divorce lawyer. He lasers in on the topic with his opening sentences. “If there ever was a more important role for lawyers and litigation professionals, it is in family law. Corporate law, environmental law, even real estate law has nuthin’ on the complexities and the drama that explodes from divorce petitions, custody battles-even who gets to keep the family dog”. […]

Do Divorce Courts Monitor the Final Divorce Decree to be Sure All Terms Have Been Completed?

divorce estate planning insurance

I had a client call today wondering if the Court gave her Ex a few months longer to refinance the marital residence and pay her off because of the COVID-19 situation. I explained to her that the Court does not review Divorce Decrees after filing to monitor compliance. That responsibility falls on each party. So, the Court would have no idea if the refinance had occurred or not. I told her that is her task to nudge her Ex about the refinance or to rehire me to send him a letter and take the necessary legal steps to file a Contempt action to get the refinance completed or the house listed for sale. […]

Using Zoom for Legal Consultations is Very Easy at Holzfaster, Cecil, McKnight & Mues

zoom meeting estate planning divorce

The pandemic has no doubt changed all our lives in many ways. With the quarantine orders and social distancing each of us have had to reconcile and adapt our lives. Avoiding unnecessary personal contact with others is important for many of us. Nonetheless, our lives continue on despite the COVID-19 pandemic. The quarantine situation (and life over the last 5 months) has only made it more evident to people in “shaky” marriages the harsh realities of their relationship, and in many cases their need to terminate the marriage and obtain a divorce. […]

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