Blast From The Past: I Want to Keep the House, But Should I?

Blast From The Past: I Want to Keep the House, But Should I?

I Want to Keep the House, But Should I? This is one of the questions I am asked all of the time. Of course, the correct answer is “It depends.” The home often accounts for a large percentage of the entire marital estate.

Native American Divorce Court: Potential Issues When A Spouse Is A Member Of A Native American Tribe

Does a State Court Have Jurisdiction Involving Native American Couples In Divorce, Domestic Relations And Marital Assets? Throughout the years and probably over dozens of cases, the United States Supreme Court has it made clear that Native American tribes are

Divorce: Options to Dispose of the Marital Residence

What Are The Options To Consider When Disposing Of The Marital Residence In A Divorce Proceeding? In the usual divorce or dissolution proceeding, the disposition of the marital residence is often one of the most important decisions in the case

Divorce: Dividing iTune Libraries and Other Digital Assets

What Happens To Your Digital Assets In A Divorce? Digital Assets Library That Can Be Divided In A Divorce Process Include Kindle, iTunes, Xbox Live, Games, Apps And Other Digitally Downloaded Media Traditionally, when dividing assets in a divorce, each

Divorce Assets In Ohio – Survivorship Benefits For Spouse

What Happens in Ohio if a Divorcee Dies Before Transferring Property or Assets as Divorce Court Ordered? How Assets are to be Divided After the Passing of a Spouse During the Divorce Decree The question was recently  posed to me

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