Grandparent Custody Issues From a Lawyer’s Viewpoint

Grandparent Custody Issues From a Lawyer’s Viewpoint

In an ideal world, children should be reared by a loving and caring two-parent family, having both a Father and a Mother, with plenty of caring relatives to assist with parenting activities during times of stress, need, or illness.

Grandparents Active with Their Grandkids May Live Longer According to This New Study!

Can Grandparents Live Longer Simply By Caring For Their Grandchildren? Study Says… Grandparents who help out with childcare or provide support to others in their community tend to live longer than seniors who do not care for other people, according

Mother’s Day – Valuable Tips For New Stepparents

The Challenges of Blending Families – Important Advice For Mother’s Day Patience Is Key When Stepmothers And Grandmothers Are Raising Their Grandchildren As Their Own Says Author Kate Fogerty NOTE: I was considering writing a new article about Mother’s Day

Custodial Grandparents: Stress From Raising Grandchildren

Increasing Number of Grandparents Becoming Custodial Grandparents to their Grandchildren Custodial Grandparents Have Higher Stress Levels than Grandparents Who Are not Caregivers of their Grandchildren According to Recent Studies What children need most are the essentials that grandparents provide in

Child Custody: Parents versus Grandparents

An Overview Of The Child Custody Case Timothy Cantrell v. Erica Trinkle (2011-CA-17) The Juvenile Court of Clark County, Ohio awarded custody of the minor child (“CC”) to the paternal grandparents. Mother appealed the decision. Court of Appeals Holding: The

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