Cohabitation Can Lead To Spousal Support Termination

Love After Marriage For All: How Cohabitation With Another, Regardless Of Sexual Orientation, Can Trigger A Termination Of Spousal Support Post Divorce I couple weeks ago, I attended a very exciting and thrilling divorce seminar (said no one ever) where

GAL: Proving Your Guardian Ad Litem Is Conducting a Superficial Investigation

Crucial Steps Counsel Can Take To Challenge Investigation Findings From An Incompetent GAL (Guardian Ad Litem) A month or so ago I took a trip out to Lake Tahoe for one of my college buddy’s bachelor party.  Let me tell

Domestic Violence Charge And The Federal Gun Control Act

How A Plea Bargain From A Domestic Violence Charge to A Non-Domestic Violence Charge Still Carries A Federal Gun Ban Domestic violence is never an easy subject to talk about or, in my line of work, to defend.  To be

Protection Order: Proving Domestic Violence in a Court of Law can be Difficult

When Things That Go Bump In The Night Are Not Sufficient Evidence For A Domestic Violence Civil Protection Order A couple weeks ago, my brother and I went back to our homeland of California to visit our parents and help

Native American Divorce Court: Potential Issues When A Spouse Is A Member Of A Native American Tribe

Does a State Court Have Jurisdiction Involving Native American Couples In Divorce, Domestic Relations And Marital Assets? Throughout the years and probably over dozens of cases, the United States Supreme Court has it made clear that Native American tribes are

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