Divorce Assets In Ohio – Survivorship Benefits For Spouse

What Happens in Ohio if a Divorcee Dies Before Transferring Property or Assets as Divorce Court Ordered? How Assets are to be Divided After the Passing of a Spouse During the Divorce Decree The question was recently  posed to me

Marital Consequences of the Repeal of Federal Estate Tax

Joseph Balmer, head of the Probate and Estate PLanning department, looks at how the recent repeal of the Federal Estate Tax could effect couples’ estate plans, particularly second marriages.

The Untimely and Unexpected Death of Chris Henry…Questions About the Consequences for His Survivors

Family Law Attorney Anne Shale looks at how the untimely passing of NFL receiver Chris Henry, of the Cincinnati Bengals, can lead to legal problems for survivors if one does not have have an estate planning document, or a Last Will and Testament in place in the event of one’s death.

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