Military Member’s Alert: Vigilantly Protect Your Medical Records and Personal Files!

How To Protect Your Military Medical Records, Identity, And Your Future From Fraudulent Use This is a cautionary New Year’s Resolution for all of you who are either active duty military or veterans.  The resolution is to keep yourself informed

Domestic Violence Within Military Families Probable Says Study

Recent Study Reveals That Combat Assignments Increase the Probability of Domestic Violence and Child Abuse By Military Members A recent study published by The Review of Economics and Statistics concludes that combat assignments increase the probability of intimate partner domestic

Military Custody Law Update For Deployed Members

Congress Passes Law Affording Military Custody Protection to Our Deployed Servicemembers Deployment Can No Longer Be Held Against Military Parent In Child Custody Disputes Left to Right: Lt. Eva Slusher, her daughter Sara Slusher and Mike Turner For 8 years,

Military Divorce Rate Climbs – Are Multiple Deployments at Fault?

Recent Study Reveals Increased Length In Deployments Will Increase The Risk Of Military Divorce A recent study conducted by the RAND Corporation with the Department of Defense sponsorship found that increased length in deployments will increase the risk of divorce.

Adultery in the Military

Is Adultery A Crime Under The Uniform Code Of Military Justice? The Legal Ramifications For Military Members Who Commit Adultery Adultery is fairly common in our society.  Frequently, adultery is the grounds for many legal separation and divorce actions; however,

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