Parenting Time: The “New” Standard Order of Parenting Time for Montgomery County, Ohio

What Are The New Changes In The Standard Order of Parenting Time Regarding Mother’s Day And Father’s Day? On September 3, 2011, I posted an article on the Ohio Family Law Blog about the “New” and “Improved” Montgomery County Standard

Child Support and Visitation: Should One Be Dependent Upon The Other?

Should Child Support Payments And Visitation Rights Remain Independent Of Each Other In Ohio? Recent New York Ruling Says Child Support And Visitation Are Linked And Dependent Upon One Another As a general rule, the payment of child support and

Visitation Law in Ohio: Custody and Non-Parental

Supreme Court Custody Case Update: Visitation by a Non-Parent The Law Regarding Non-Parent Visitation One of the most contentious issues that may arise in custody litigation is whether a non-parent has the right to exercise visitation with a particular child.

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