Adoption Records NOW Unsealed in Ohio!

All Adoption Records And Original Birth Certificates Available To Ohio Citizens New Ohio Law Gives Adoptees Easier Access To Adoption Birth Records UPDATE – March 20, 2015, is the first day that individuals adopted in Ohio between January 1, 1964,

Putative Father Registry: Should One Be Established Nationally?

National Putative Father Registry Database Could Benefit Father And The Child This article intends to highlight the rationale for creating a National Putative Father Registry, instead of just allowing each state to independently promulgate their own registry. What is a

Adoptees Can Access Original Ohio Birth Certificate Says New Ohio Law

New Ohio Adoption Law Helps Adult Adoptees Find Their Original Birth Parents A new law in Ohio will unseal records for about 400,000 Ohio adult adoptees.   This law, Senate Bill 23, was signed by Gov. John Kasich on December 19th.

Adoption in Ohio: Sweeping Changes May be on the Horizon

Proposed Changes To Ohio Adoption Laws Will Erode Putative Fathers’ Rights Reduction In Contest Time To Favor Adoption Parents In The State Of Ohio On January 29, 2014, the Ohio House of Representatives passed Substitute HB 307, the “Adoption Reform

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