How Does a Trial Separation Work?

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Trial Separation In Ohio Explained. Seek Experienced Divorce Lawyer For Input And Counseling Tips

trial separation legal separations counseling experienced divorce lawyerSeveral weeks ago, I explained the characteristics of what a legal separation is in Ohio. Click here to read that post. Today, I will share some of my thoughts about a “trial separation” – which is an informal agreement for 2 people to live apart. Essentially, it is an experiment in living apart. During this time the parties of course remain married, but live apart. A party may move back home, in with a friend, or rent an apartment.

This arrangement is typically done for one or both parties to have space apart to evaluate their feelings towards each other, their long term goals and overall compatibility. In addition, many parties may choose to separate before filing for a legal separation or a divorce. Some parties agree up front to a time period for the separation, while others don’t. I have seen trial separations that last from hours to ones that last for years.

Can Trial Separations Involve A Court Order?

Trial separations typically do not involve a Court Order. A written separation agreement is not mandated under Ohio law but having one may be smart. … Read More... “How Does a Trial Separation Work?”