Parenting Time Calculator

Guest Contributor Daniel Pollock, professor at Yeshiva University’s School of Social Work in New York City, points our a free, on-line, Parenting Time Calcularor for families and child

support professionals to find out the average time a child is

spending with each parent and to help create a parenting plan.

Grandparenting Styles: Taking the Quiz

Family Law Attorney Robert Mues looks at the topic of grandparenting styles and provides a link to an online quiz that can best describe what kind of grandparent you are.

Keep an Emergency Information Card in Your Wallet!

Family Law Attorney Robert Mues looks at the importance of keeping an Emergency Informational card in your wallet that could save your life in case of a medical emergency, and where to create such a card by using a web site that will generate one for you automatically.

AlcohoIism And Chemical Dependency: Special Dilemmas In Family Law Cases

Family Law Attorney Anne Shale looks at how Alcohol & Chemical Dependacy Issues can affect Family Law or Divorce cases and privides answers to common questions including several online assesment tools to determine drug or alcohol abuse.

Concerned About How Your Children are Coping? Here is a Valuable Resource!

Family Law Attorney Robert Mues looks at the website, Kids Turn Central by Wendy Hogan, that provides games, activities and valuable links for children going through the divorce process.

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