To Spy or Not to Spy on your Child’s Internet Use

Should parents secretly monitor their child’s text messages, phone calls and social media activities in order to keep them safe? That’s a dilemma confronted by parents as they try to balance safety with honoring their child’s privacy and independence. A

Photos Tools To Protect And Personalize Your Digital Memories Online

Do You Take a Lot of Photos of Your Kids? Some Amazing Statistics for Mother’s Day! MiMedia Inc., just published the results of a recent survey that explored how parents snap, shoot, share and store photos and videos of their

Children, App Technology, and Messaging Safely

How vulnerable Are Children In Today’s App Technology-Driven Internet World? New Certified Messenging Chat App For Children Provides Safe Monitoring For Parents And Encourages Responsible Social Media Development Summer is coming. These are the words that children ages 6-17 dream

Revenge Porn Laws Enacted In Many States Except Ohio

Groups Push To Outlaw Revenge Porn Facebook Hit With Civil Lawsuit Over Revenge Porn In today’s ever connected world, what was once private often becomes public. Most individuals almost certainly have a smart phone camera or tablet device with a

Spy on My Spouse? Is It Legal In My Marriage?

Avoid Legal Trouble, Consult With An Experienced Family Attorney Before You Spy On Your Spouse! A husband or wife can get themselves into some messy legal situations when they spy on their spouse.  Often, the best way to combat this

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