Animal Protection: New Ohio Law Will Shield Pets From Abuse

Ohio Joins 29 Other States to Protect the Family Pet Against Domestic Animal Abuse with New Protection Order On June 28, 2014, we published an article about S.B 177, an Ohio Bill that was introduced in August 2013 that would

Animal Protection: New Bill Would Shield Pets From Abuse

Should Domestic Violence Protection Orders Protect the Family Pet Or Animal Against Abuse? A bill introduced in August 2013 would amend domestic protection order laws to include your furry friend.  The new (potential) law seeks to add “companion animal” to

Pet Custody in Ohio

Who Retains Custody Of The Family Pet In A Divorce? Many people consider their pets an integral part of their family. When two people divorce, the fight over the family pet can often turn into a bitter battle.  In response

Pet Custody Disputes in Ohio

Who is Entitled to Keep the Family Pet? Family Law Attorney John Meehling looks at how divorce can affect pet custody disputes in Ohio.

Pet Ownership In Divorce Proceedings

For lawyers and others interested in an excellent journal article on this subject. Puppy Love: Providing for the Legal Protection of Animals When Their Owners Get Divorced by Heidi Stroh, 2 J. Animal L. & Ethics 231 (2007). The article

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