Blast From The Past: Hitting The Airwaves With “Big George” On The BBC

Blast From The Past: Hitting The Airwaves With “Big George” On The BBC

Attorney Robert Mues is interviewed by the BBC’s “Late Show with Big George”. Topics discussed include prenuptial agreements, and the landmark UK court decision, Radmacher v. Granatino. Listen to the nine-minute interview!

Prenuptial Agreement: Is it Enforcable If You Dispose of It?

Does Tearing up Your Executed Prenuptial Agreement in Ohio Revoke or Invalidate it? Recently, a New York court held that a husband could enforce a prenuptial agreement against his wife upon divorce, even though at the time the parties had

Marriage: Better the Second Time Around?

Marriage: Better the Second Time Around? Is Marriage Better the Second Time Around? Or, Are Second Marriages More Successful than First Marriages? Many years ago, a singing icon and legend, Frank Sinatra, released a song entitled “The Second Time Around”…..its words

Postnuptial Agreements — Are they Valid in Ohio?

Probate and Estate Planning attorney Joseph Balmer answers a common question, can you execute Postnuptial Agreements after the marriage ceremony in the state of Ohio?

The UK Mourns the Passing of “Big George” Webley

Family Law Attorney Robert Mues passes along the sad news of the sudden death of UK radio personality, “Big George” Webley. In July of 2009 Attorney Mues appeared on Webley’s weeknight radio show on BBC London to share his perspective about the use of prenuptial agreements in the United States.

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