Credit Score: Little Known Tip to Protect Your Credit After a Nasty Divorce – Request a Credit Reporting Freeze?

Some divorce cases are really nasty and contentious. I have been handling divorce cases in Dayton, Ohio for almost 39 years and I have seen some doozies! Clients regularly ask how they can protect their FICO credit score after their

Credit Scores: Using to Evaluate Potential Mates In A Relationship?

Why Looking At Credit Scores Might Not Be a Bad Idea Before Making A Commitment In A Relationship The Federal Reserve Board has recently published a working paper entitled, “Credit Scores and Committed Relationships.”  In it, authors Jane Dokko, Geng

Be Sure to Pull Your Free Credit Report

Attorney Robert Mues from the Ohio Family Law blog examines how credit card debt effects divorce proceedings and what credit bureaus you can receive a free report from under federal law.

Avoid Headache, Safeguard Your Assets

Jeffrey Lalloway, publisher of the California Divorce and Family Law Blog, wrote this excellent article. I couldn’t agree more with his suggestions! Lessen impact of divorce on credit If you’re planning to file for divorce this year or are already

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