Domestic Violence Law Creates an Address Confidentiality Program for Victims

ALERT: New Voter Registration Address Confidentiality Law For Domestic Violence Survivors And Other Crimes, Passes In Ohio On October 6, 2016, Governor John Kasich signed a new law that allows domestic violence victims, as well as victims of rape, sexual

Revenge Porn Legislation Now Pending in Ohio!

ALERT: Will A New Revenge Porn Bill Pass in Ohio? On January 31, 2015, we posted an article “Revenge Porn Laws Enacted In Many States Except Ohio ” and chronicled the trend of States rushing to enact anti-revenge porn legislation.

“Intextication”…The Dangers of Texting and Driving!

Family Law and Personal Injury Attorney, Robert Mues, provides an update on the Ohio Legislature’s attempt to have Ohio join the growing list of states that have banned texting and driving, better known as intextication.

BREAKING NEWS: Secretary of Defense Gates Changes Position to Protect Custodial Parents Deployed Overseas!

Family Law Attorney Anne Shale provides breaking news on Ohio Congressional representative Michael R. Turner’s proposed legislation to protect active duty military parents deployed overseas in cases of child custody issues.

New Law Protects Teens from Dating Harassment and Violence

Family Law Attorney Shawn Hooks looks at how a new Ohio law, named the Shynerra Grant Law, protects teen victims of harassing, stalking, or threatening behavior by another teen.

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