6 Things Parents Don’t Want to Hear About Their Children

6 Things Parents Don’t Want to Hear About Their Children

I enjoy speaking with parents at workshops, most of which focus on issues such as using praise, time out, or selective attention. However, I’ve acquired a somewhat problematic habit over the years-saying things that turn off most of the audience. Here is my list of the top six things that are rarely well received.

Putative Father Registry: Should One Be Established Nationally?

National Putative Father Registry Database Could Benefit Father And The Child This article intends to highlight the rationale for creating a National Putative Father Registry, instead of just allowing each state to independently promulgate their own registry. What is a

Paternity Establishment in Ohio – Parenthood Outside Of Marriage

Acknowledgment Of Paternity Is A Legal Commitment To Parenthood Birth of a child. When a child is born, a few things happen that determine parenthood.  Obviously, the mother is known instantly.  After the birth, the natural mother and alleged father

Paternity Issues: When A Child Is Born During A Separation

What Is The Dilemma Posed When a Child Born During a Marriage is not “Issue” of the Marriage? Factual Scenario: John and Jane Doe have a six-year marriage and no children.  They have come upon difficult times in their marriage.

Establishing Paternity in Ohio – An Overview

Family Law Attorney John Meehling explains wny establishing Paternity can help protect both a child and his/her parents in the likelyhood of a custody/visitation or support proceeding.

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