Putative Father Registry: Should One Be Established Nationally?

National Putative Father Registry Database Could Benefit Father And The Child This article intends to highlight the rationale for creating a National Putative Father Registry, instead of just allowing each state to independently promulgate their own registry. What is a

Paternity Establishment in Ohio – Parenthood Outside Of Marriage

Acknowledgment Of Paternity Is A Legal Commitment To Parenthood Birth of a child. When a child is born, a few things happen that determine parenthood.  Obviously, the mother is known instantly.  After the birth, the natural mother and alleged father

Paternity Issues: When A Child Is Born During A Separation

What Is The Dilemma Posed When a Child Born During a Marriage is not “Issue” of the Marriage? Factual Scenario: John and Jane Doe have a six-year marriage and no children.  They have come upon difficult times in their marriage.

Establishing Paternity in Ohio – An Overview

Family Law Attorney John Meehling explains wny establishing Paternity can help protect both a child and his/her parents in the likelyhood of a custody/visitation or support proceeding.

What is The Purpose of the Ohio Putative Father Registry?

Attorney Shawn Hooks looks at how an unmarried Father can protect his legal paternity rights by filling out the Putative Father Registry in the state of Ohio.

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