Special Needs Trusts in Ohio in a Nutshell

Should an individual with special needs receive a large sum of money, it is often wise to have the individual or his/her fiduciary establish a special needs trust in order to not jeopardize assistance already being received such as Medicaid

Social Security Benefits Can Be Maximized Post Final Divorce Decree

Divorce Final? How To Maximize Your Social Security Retirement Benefit By Utilizing The Divorced Spouse Benefit Your divorce is finalized!  It is over and done, and you have moved on with your life.  The assets, monetary accounts, retirement accounts, and

Social Security and Divorce Alert

How important is an attorney if you are a recipient of Social Security Income or Social Security Disability Income and you are going through a divorce? Family Law Attorney Jessica Shively examines the issue.

Social Security ALERT: No More Annual Earnings Statements

Social Security ALERT. Probate and Estate Planning Attorney Joseph Balmer provides an update on Social Security’s cost cutting move to cease annual earnings statements mailings.

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