Injury Claim: Please Do Not Wait “Til The Midnight Hour”

Consult An Attorney Early To Avoid Losing Out On An Injury Claim! I am borrowing from the classic Wilson Pickett hit song in the 1960’s to emphasize the importance of discussing an injury or a loss with an attorney as

Marital Torts in Ohio … A Primer

Family Law Attorney Robert Mues writes a follow-up article to his October 16, 2010 post, “Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Alimony Proceedings”, in which he discusses the status of Ohio law concerning domestic or marital torts.Marital Torts in Ohio.

“Intextication”…The Dangers of Texting and Driving!

Family Law and Personal Injury Attorney, Robert Mues, provides an update on the Ohio Legislature’s attempt to have Ohio join the growing list of states that have banned texting and driving, better known as intextication.

How Injury Claims Are Treated In Divorce Court

Attorney Robert Mues shares a blog article he wrote for Attorney Brian Wilson of the Bull’s-Eye Blog, on how Personal injury settlements can affect Divorce rulings in the Ohio Domestic Court system.

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