Divorced Parents Must Put Children First

Divorced Parents Must Put Children First

Preschool children from divorced parents did better psychologically if they lived in shared parenting environments compared with kids living primarily with one parent, according to recently published research in Acta Paediatrica.

Shared Parenting: Kentucky Governor Signs New Law, Is Ohio Behind the Times?

How Does The New Shared Parenting Law Signed In Kentucky Impact Ohio? Kentucky took a step closer on April 12, 2017 to making shared parenting in instances of divorce the norm in the state.  House Bill 492, received unanimous support

Shared Parenting Misconceptions in Ohio

Previously my colleague, Anne Shale, posted a very informative article laying out the legal distinctions between sole legal custody and shared parenting in Ohio. Here is the link to her article.  Even though it was posted 3 years ago, the

The Legal Distinctions Between “Sole Custody” vs “Shared Parenting”

Family LawAttorney Anne Sjhale looks at the the legal distinctions between “Sole Custody” versus “Shared Parenting”.

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