The Guardianship Versus the Power of Attorney Conundrum in Ohio

The Guardianship Versus the Power of Attorney Conundrum in Ohio

Many times, I have been contacted by a client or potential client who requests to initiate a guardianship application for a family member because a doctor has diagnosed the family member with dementia and suggested that a guardianship was necessary. However, this is not always the case and additional questions need to be asked and additional options need to be explored before reaching such a conclusion.

Guardian Issues: New Responsibilities Imposed on Ohio Guardians

What Are The Additional Requirements For A Guardian Of An Estate In Ohio? While it has always been a great responsibility to serve as a legal guardian for another individual, last year Ohio imposed a number of additional requirements of

GAL: Proving Your Guardian Ad Litem Is Conducting a Superficial Investigation

Crucial Steps Counsel Can Take To Challenge Investigation Findings From An Incompetent GAL (Guardian Ad Litem) A month or so ago I took a trip out to Lake Tahoe for one of my college buddy’s bachelor party.  Let me tell

Parenting Arrangements: Experts Weigh in on Temporary Guardianship for Child

When Do Informal Parenting Arrangements For Child Need Approval from the State? Professor Dan Pollack contacted me several months ago requesting some input about this topic from the perspective of an Ohio family law attorney. Dan is an excellent writer

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