Computer Cybercrime Legislation: Spillover Tendencies

How Computer Cyber Security Laws Can Impact Family Disputes Differently From State To State With the recent buzz surrounding computer cyber communications and email hacking, one should be informed on the general principles and laws of their state.   These laws

Privacy: Should I Blog About My Child’s Life On The Internet?

Consider Kids’ Privacy Before Posting Online The genesis of the article evolved out of conflict I have seen over the past several years with divorced parents arguing about the scope of their child’s internet presence.  Typically, this comes up when

Social Media Issues in Divorce Litigation – The New Frontier

It is no longer a secret that attorneys that work in the domestic relations arena are mining social media networking sites, such as Facebook, for helpful evidence about the opposing party.  A person’s Facebook page is often a very fertile

Potential Civil Liability for Unauthorized Access to Another’s Email Account

Family Law Attorney Robert Mues explains how accessing a spouse’s email without permission could be a violation of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, the Wiretap Act and the Stored Communications Act, leading to legal proceedings in court.

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