For Mandated Child Abuse Reporters, Is “Concern” the Same as “Suspicion”?

For Mandated Child Abuse Reporters, Is “Concern” the Same as “Suspicion”?

Is “Concern” the Same as “Suspicion” in Ohio? How To Permit Mandatory Reporters The Use Of Their Discretion And Best Judgment In Cases Of Child Abuse.

Sexual Abuse: May a Foster Child Sue Their Biological Parent for Abuse?

Foster Child Sexual Abuse And Abolishing the Parental Immunity Doctrine Removed from their biological parents, the children were placed in foster care. The court and all the professionals held out hope that the children would one day be reunified. Toward

Parenting Arrangements: Experts Weigh in on Temporary Guardianship for Child

When Do Informal Parenting Arrangements For Child Need Approval from the State? Professor Dan Pollack contacted me several months ago requesting some input about this topic from the perspective of an Ohio family law attorney. Dan is an excellent writer

Print Media Coverage of Child Fatalities When a Human Services Agency is Involved

Are Child Fatalities Reported Fairly and Ethically By Print Media When The Human Services Agency Is Associated? When a child dies and we learn that a human services agency or department was involved, how well does the print media cover

Foster Home Placement For Children: The Psycho-Legal Considerations

Foster Care Placement For A Child – What Effect Will Other Children In A Foster Home Have? A healthy 3-year-old is placed in a foster home. A month later, a 16-year-old with a history of borderline personality disorder is placed

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