BREAKING NEWS: Secretary of Defense Gates Changes Position to Protect Custodial Parents Deployed Overseas!

Family Law Attorney Anne Shale provides breaking news on Ohio Congressional representative Michael R. Turner’s proposed legislation to protect active duty military parents deployed overseas in cases of child custody issues.

The FBI has Registered the Local Children Abducted to Japan as “Missing Children”

Family Law Attorney Anne Shale provides an update on her client, Kent Swaim who had his children abducted to Japan without his consent.

A Local Case of “Child Abduction” Involving the Country of Japan

Family Law Attorney Anne Shale examines the local case of U.S. Father, Kent Swaim, who experienced custody issues with his ex-wife that led to the abduction of his children to Japan without his knowledge or his consent. Also, some preventative steps can take to avoid a simlilar situation.

Location of Military Service Records and How to Obtain Them

Family Law Attorney Robert Mues looks at a recent article written by Michigan Family Law author Attorney Jeanne M. Hannah, that explains how active duty or retired members of the armed service can obtain their military personnel records in cases of Family Law and Divorce issues.

They Fight For America and Upon Return Must Fight For Their Children…

Family Law Attorney Anne Shale looks at Ohio Reprentative, Michael R. Turner’s proposed Amendment, (H.R.2647) that would protect Military members deployed overseas, from returning home to a child cutody battle with a former spuse (Husband or Wife).

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