Divorce: Dividing Property, Assets & Debts in Ohio

Property Division in Ohio Can Be Complicated In Marriage Breakup – Hire A Experienced Divorce Lawyer Early Depending upon the issues in a marriage breakup, dividing assets and debts is usually a preliminary topic of conversation.  This can be a

Engagement Ring Blues

Who Keeps the Bling After a Break-up? Engagement ring ownership is defined under Ohio law. At 18 years old, Johnny and Patty are in love.  Johnny has been dating Patty for almost 4 years.  Upon graduating high school, both decide

Divorce in Ohio: Can the Court Order an Unequal Property Division?

Might You Be Entitled to a Distributive Award of Property in Your Divorce Case? What Constitutes Normal Property Division in a Divorce? When a divorce occurs, property and assets are to be split equitably by the Court which typically involves

Divorce – Tips on Dividing Your Stuff!

How To Divide Your Marital Property During The Process Of Divorce A Divorce is not a single event, but a series of losses, changes and transitions. There are many watershed moments in the process of dissolving a marriage. One that

Palimony Not Recognized in Ohio

Why is Palimony not recognized by Ohio statute or common law in the state of Ohio? Estate Planning and Probate Attorney, Joseph Balmer examines Williams v. Ormsby, a case involving home ownership by a couple not married.

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