Who Gets to Keep the Engagement Ring?

What is the fate of the engagement ring in the event of a divorce? Ohio Family Law Attorney Anne Shale provides the answers.

My Husband Committed Adultery, Humiliated Me, and Embarrassed Me in Our Community…Why Don’t I Get More Than 50% of the Assets? It’s Not Fair!

Family Law Attorney Anne Shale examines whether marital misconduct in a “no fault” state like Ohio plays any factor when marital assets division and liability issues end up divorce court.

How Injury Claims Are Treated In Divorce Court

Attorney Robert Mues shares a blog article he wrote for Attorney Brian Wilson of the Bull’s-Eye Blog, on how Personal injury settlements can affect Divorce rulings in the Ohio Domestic Court system.

Who Gets the Disposable Paper Bed Sheets?

Family Law Attorney Robert Mues examines how Judges presiding over Divorce cases rule on personal items, property or items with sentimental value accumulated in a marriage between a husband and wife.

The Nuts and Bolts of Real Estate “Short Sales”

Attorney Joseph Balmer looks at how homeowners going through a divorce can use a “short sale” to avoid foreclosure litigation on their homes and a crippled credit rating.

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